One week from today I fly off on my next adventure: Nepal!  Visiting Nepal has been a bug in the back of my brain since I returned from my last trip overseas.  That trip was supposed to get the adventure travel bug out of my system so I could settle down like my peers – but it only worked to fuel the fire.

When the earth quake struck in 2015, I purchased a set of prayer flags from Midwest Mountaineering here in Minneapolis.  All of the proceeds were to go to help Nepal rebuild, but for me they had an additional purpose.  I hung them in my room as a personal reminder to not let security of a nice living situation and a steady income (the ability to buy THINGS) distract me from that part of myself that craves new experiences and the learning that happens through independent travel.

This trip has a different focus than the last one (of which I hope to highlight some in other posts, throwback style).  On the last trip I bounced around to many different countries, experiencing enough in each to make me really want to return for more in-depth adventuring.  For this one, I look forward to staying more or less in one country, so I can spend more time interacting with other people and the adventures to be had there and less time figuring out logistics to get to the next place.

I do have some professional goals for this trip as well: I am enrolled in a yoga teacher certification course based out of Pokhara, Nepal.  This month-long immersive program and will result in the initial level RYT200 certification through the USA Yoga Alliance.  In addition, I will be volunteering teaching English and perhaps helping out with a health clinic, putting into practice my experience working with English Language Learners in St. Paul and my Wilderness First Responder certification.  I look forward to all that I will learn!

I am not sure of the internet capabilities I will have during my time there, but I will try to add updates occasionally.  Thanks for coming along for the journey!